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Cat Durden (a.k.a. Cazmie) is a Filipino-American artist located in the San Francisco Bay Area who specializes in marker and mixed media illustration, along with event decoration and party prop building. 
Cat completed her B.A. in Studio Art and B.S in Biochemistry at Santa Clara University in 2019, having chosen to pursue both subjects with a deep interest in how things work on a micro-scale. She combines her love and fascination for science with her art practice in order to create vibrant and realistic illustrations of organic subject matter, ranging from bizarre insects to dreamy desserts and beyond. 
Having grown up in Santa Cruz, CA., Cat draws much inspiration from surf and skate culture, often employing similar artistic techniques such as highly saturated color palettes and bold contrast on solid black space. Her current and near-future illustration work seeks to explore fantastical ideas where realism and altered reality merge to envelope the viewer into a new, more colorful perspective.
Resume may be provided upon request. Please see the "Contact" tab to reach out regarding potential commissions, job information, and/or art sales.
[ Exhibition / Press History ]

2021 - San Francisco Women Artists Gallery: Patterns & Symmetry Juried Exhibition
San Francisco, CA | Juror: Hillary Olcott, Associate Curator; Arts of Africa, Oceania, and the Americas, Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, de Young / Legion of Honor

2019 - Santa Clara University: Studio Art Senior Exhibition
Santa Clara, CA | [artwork image link] | note: the central artwork in this series was purchased by the Benson Memorial Center as part of its permanent collection.

2019 - Illustration published in scientific journal titled Frontiers for Young Minds
In association with Santa Clara University Arts & Sciences | Article written by Lindsay R. Halladay | Image co-illustrated by Shawn Yang
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